Forced Draft Cooler

Forced Draft Cooler

Product Details:
  • No of Axial Flow Fans: 6
  • No of Axial Centrifugal Fans: 2 or 3
  • Surface: Galvanized
  • Draft Type: Forced
  • Material: Metal

We are offering Forced Draft Cooler to our clients.

Other Details:
  • Cooling air supply is provided with help of 6 nos. Axial flow fans that are located at clean air plenum itself
  • Cooling air supply is made by 2 or 3 nos. Centrifugal fans & hence flexibility is less

Cooling Basis:
  • Utilizations of all three modes of heat transfers including Radioactive, Conductive & Convective
  • Simultaneously utilizing convective heat transfer only followed by conductive heat flow
  • Multidirectional flow of both hot air & cooling air for best utilization of lMTD of flow
  • Unidirectional flow of gas, thus ensuring utilization of arithmetic temperature difference only
  • The tubes are attached in tube sheet with provision for thermal expansion
  • The tubes are welded to tube sheet on either side, thus resulting in frequent bending as well as breakage due to thermal expansion

Cooling surface:
  • Higher & lower cooling surface provided

  • Zero explosion probability

  • No requirement of compressed air for system, thus no requirement of any compressor load
  • Adequate quantity of compressed air required for dust removal manually for which regular requirement of compressed air is associated with system thus increasing compressor load and main power requirement at high risk zone
  • Due to its superiority in design, total tonnage of equipment is higher than that of conventional design for lower cooling surface (Vis-a-vis cooling efficiency fabrication tonnage is automatically lower)
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